Offshore Systems:

Offshore Systems AS is an experienced supplier of automated remote controlled systems and equipment to the international oil and gas industry.
This industry is now changing… fast.
A new international industry standard called Industry 4.0 fully embraces the concept of the Internet of Things, paving way for better, more efficient and safer practices on a global scale.

Offshore Systems has adapted the IoT mindset, and are proudly at the forefront of this new connected world, offering our customers the very best in open source/nonproprietary communication platforms.
Utilizing the OPC UA standard for safe, reliable and independent industrial communication and HMI & Scada solutions with Pure Web Technology, enables remote monitoring and operational control of any process / machinery.

At the same time creating the possibility of collecting, structuring, analyzing and visualization of the process data in real-time.
This enables for reaction and interference by actual status and condition of the process or the individual equipment.

Act by condition, not by schedule or anticipation.

In an world where everything is connected, new standards will force the industry to adapt.

We already have.