Based on solid understanding of mechanical processes, we prepare complete solutions for remote monitoring and control of processing facilities and any other kind of machinery. Here included exploitation of the opportunities provided by web access. The intent is to reduce the need for local presence and thereby reduce cost by:

  • Monitoring & control from remote
  • Set up from remote
  • Diagnostic from remote
  • Updates from remote
  • Real time process data


Our PLC and HMI / Scada software for remote control and monitoring are using standardized and open technologies. This facilitates system integration and logging & trending.

System integration is the process of bringing together the subsystems – both similar and disparate – into one complete control system.

Using the possibilities of logging and trending accomplished constant monitoring of the condition and performance of your equipment.

In our opinion, the option for future are:

  • Standardized      – not customized
  • Open source       – not proprietary
  • Common             – not individual
  • Flexible               – not rigid
  • Predictability      – not uncertainty
  • Remote                – not at site
  • Scalable               – not fixed
  • Maintenance as required         – not by schedule


Our supply of automated control systems also typically include sensors & instruments, Remote Input / Output Cabinets, System Cabinets, PLCs, computers and monitors. We take full responsibility from engineering, construction & procurement  to installation & commissioning.

We design and fabricate in accordance with the Atex directive and the Norsok  standards.

We are certified by DNV 9001:2015.