Offshore Systems:
Working the magic of Mechatronics


Offshore Systems’ main areas of operation revolve around providing products and design services within electrical systems, instrumentation, automation and mechanical disciplines – commonly referred to as mechatronics.

The mechatronic field is vast, and covering all aspects is a demanding task. Here at Offshore Systems, we’ve accumulated decades of experience, cutting edge technology and a strong focus on cost efficiency to ensure our clients and customers are able to meet the ever-growing demands of offshore industry operations.

When it comes to mechatronics, we have divided our operations into four main areas of expertise:

Rig and platform solutions
The complex world of offshore oil and gas becomes more complex by the day. That’s a good thing. We love challenges, and our long list of references, large and small, is a testament to both our dedication and tech-solving skills.

Our rig- and platform solutions are extensive and we eagerly take on any project we’re presented with, from engineering services, modification engineering to product supply. We’re able to offer our customers complete turnkey solutions, taking projects all the way from concept engineering through procurement, construction and installation to commissioning and operation.

Drilling and Well technology
When it comes to drilling and well technology development and implementation, it’s all about finding the perfect balance between optimal qualities, forward-looking technologies and cost limitation. You’ll find no better partner than us.

Offshore Systems has been providing offshore clients with cutting edge drilling- and well control service needs for years. Our decades-spanning experience is complimented by a wide array of products and services, including but not limited to: Operator cabins, operator chairs, local equipment rooms, PLC control systems, HMI SCADAs and accompanying instrumentation.

Products and systems
We have extensive experience and a dedicated team of professionals ready to take on any scope of concept development and product supply.

Whether in terms of HMI / SCADA systems, operator cabins, local equipment rooms, bulk and mud handling solutions, drilling control systems, ballast systems, cement control, fire and gas systems, PA/GAs, EX cabinets, office containers or workshop containers, Offshore Systems is at the ready.

Worldwide services and training
The offshore oil and gas industry is anything but local. Neither are we. Through our own staff of professionals and reliable partners, we offer solid support services online and on site at any location worldwide.

Offshore System’s hands-on personnel are able to provide not only commissioning and startup services, but also training services (in classrooms, on site and online) and on site maintenance work. We’re here to develop and make things happen, but just as much to keep things running.

Remote diagnostics
Offshore have the tool to securely access PLC and do remote diagnostics.
The benefits of the systems is related to the equipment operational excellence and reduced risk of potential down-time, due the possibility to remotely access the system for diagnostics and software repair.

Other operational benefit would be the ability to overlook and follow the operations in real time. The ability to forward real-time information to the clients for the different services the cement unit is delivering, and also, for client engineer’s offshore AND onshore to monitor and record operations.

If you have a PLC – we can in a secure manner trouble shoot it for you.