Product and systems

One of Offshore Systems’ main specialties is customization. As a result, evolving and unique customer demands encourage us to innovate, and we have over the years engineered and developed a wide range of offshore industry products and solutions. Our one-off and general products are based on sound, proven technologies, and are all aimed at adding economical, technical, environmental and/or extra safety value to our clients.

In addition to our own unique product range, we also offer installation and integration of third-party suppliers, depending on customer needs and requirements. By working closely with every customer throughout the process, from concept development to complete delivery, we ensure customer satisfaction to the fullest extent.

We like to build, and we love to deliver.


Integration of different software – OPCUA and HTML 5

What does it all mean in practice?

OPCUA provides a common interface for data access from a wide range of devices (hardware). Its use can make a system independent of specific hardware manufacturers.

HTML5 is the latest standard used by web browsers for displaying web pages via internet. Its use in a Human Machine Interface (HMI) makes the HMI platform independent. Any device that has a browser supporting HTML5 can be used as a workstation.

In short, OPCUA makes a system hardware independent, the use of HTML5 makes the interface platform independent.

Offshore Systems AS have good knowledge about integration and know how to make systems talk to each other.


Explosion proof equipment
Ex equipment design & manufacturing
Ex p, Ex d, Ex e, Ex i
Overpressure systems
Automation systems for Ex

Software – PLC / SCADA / HMI
Integration between new and old software
HMI / SCADA systems
Cement control
Mud control
Ballast systems
Fire & gas systems
HVAC control
Drilling control
Pumping control
ESD systems

Electric / control cabinets
EX cabinets – Exd, Exe, Exp
Systems for Norsok Z-015
Remote control
PLC cabinets

Operator cabins
Local equipment rooms
Office containers
Workshop containers
Lab & control containers
ROV power packs
Logging containers
Snubbing control containers
Wire line controls

Drilling Fluid Management/Bulk storage and transfer
Bulk tanks
Bulk surge tanks
Dust cyclones
Sampling units
Surge tank feeders

Mud circulation and transfer
HP shear guns
LP shear units
LP mud guns
Washing systems

Mud mixing
Barrel holders
Sack cutting units
Big bag units
Bulk surge tanks
Caustic mixing units
Lifting tables
Liquid chemical skid, air or frequency controlled pumps
Mud hoppers
Rapid barite mixers
Surge tank feeders

Cuttings handling
CRI slurrification
Cuttings handling
Vacuum units